You know

your company's values.

I have

the expertise to highlight them.

I am Edina Góra, a graphic and web designer.

With decades of experience as an advertising graphic designer, I know that every small and medium-sized business has its own unique story worth sharing with the world. Through graphic design and web design, I can help your company present itself with an authentic, polished look, showcasing your values through visual representation and effective communication. In our collaboration, we'll build a bridge to your dream clients, allowing them to see the passion and dedication you pour into your work. Let me help you reveal the true essence of your business!


Webdesign&Branding& Logótervezés&Digitális kiadványok&Nyomdai anyagok&Social media&Arculattervezés&Honlapkészítés&Vizuális kommunikáció&Csomagolástervezés&Üzlet dekoráció&

innovative logo design

A truly great logo is the heart and soul of a company. It is a striking and attractive element that serves as the cornerstone of visual communication. It defines and distinguishes you from your competitors. This is why it matters whether your company just has a logo or a truly professional logo!

Thoughtful & creative brand identity design

 A well-crafted brand identity comprehensively covers your company's visual communication. It aligns the style, colors, fonts, and other visual elements with the message you want to convey to your ideal customers. A high-quality brand identity is a crucial part of effective communication.

Professional web development

I create uniquely designed, user-friendly websites that serve as a bridge between my clients and their ideal customers. Besides aesthetics, functionality is a key consideration. A website must meet multiple criteria beyond just looking good. If you're in need of a website, feel free to reach out for a complimentary online consultation, during which I'll provide a quote tailored to your needs. 

Premium Print & Digital Publications

If you need high-quality presentation of flyers, brochures, catalogs, roll-ups, posters, or even an online presentation, I'm happy to assist with all of these. Moreover, I can also support you in creating digital images and video content.

Webdesign&Branding& Logótervezés&Digitális kiadványok&Nyomdai anyagok&Social media&Arculattervezés&Honlapkészítés&Vizuális kommunikáció&Csomagolástervezés&Üzlet dekoráció&

Webdesign & Branding & Logótervezés & Digitális kiadványok & Nyomdai anyagok & Social media & Arculattervezés & Honlapkészítés & Vizuális kommunikáció & Csomagolástervezés & Üzlet dekoráció &

If you'd like to work with me



Request a time for a free video consultation where we'll discuss in detail what you need and your vision.



I will prepare a detailed proposal for you. Upon your approval, I will commence work as discussed in our agreement.



After submitting the initial drafts, we'll discuss and I'll refine the details, making adjustments where necessary. 



After making the final touches, I will deliver the completed work. If you've ordered a website, I'll also provide instruction on how to use it.


Take a look at my work!


Why do my clients enjoy working with me? It's better if they tell you themselves.

The reason I asked Edina to create a website for me is that she developed one for a dear acquaintance of mine, and I was very impressed by it. Working with Edina is a truly captivating experience. She quickly understands what I want, and her professionalism, impeccable taste, and reliability are simply mesmerizing. I never doubted for a moment that I would have a website that met my expectations. In fact, it is much more intricate and splendid than I imagined, as she offered well-functioning solutions to challenges I wasn't even aware of, given my lack of experience in promoting a personal business. I am extremely satisfied with the end result and proudly make my website available on the internet. At the same time, what is certainly just as important to me is that I have gained a very good friend in the process.

Anikó Kátai


I wholeheartedly recommend Edina to everyone! Why? Because her innate "helping spirit" and empathetic skills allow her to easily and accurately tune into her clients, resulting in professional work that precisely reflects the person (or business). Edina's works have a soul, they come to life, and bring joy to people! I wish her and her clients many more wonderful connections - with love!

Zsofia Zalai-Zempléni


I asked Edina to design a new website and a completely new brand identity. The website was a more complex project due to its subscription system. Edina built the entire system from scratch, and thanks to her efficient and solution-oriented approach, I feel that my business is in the best possible hands every time we implement new developments on the site.
Sofi Vass

innovative language teaching,

Edina was very thorough. She not only paid attention to the technical details but was also very creative. The design, functionality, and user experience are all impeccable! I wholeheartedly recommend Edina.

Andrea Hajós

CEO, Headway Consulting

We have been working together for eight years. My main argument for working with her was that I only had to share my thoughts with her and she always created them visually perfectly. Many times the end result was much better than I expected.

Zoltan Tuba

CEO, Vecsési Városgondnok

Thank you so much for your conscientious, enthusiastic, and persistent work, Edina Góra. I am extremely grateful that our collaboration resulted in a new identity and a high-quality, user-friendly website for Hovatovább Kikötő. When we started working together, you said, "we'll keep at it until it's right" – and that's exactly what happened. It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it. I can only recommend working with you to everyone.

Balázs Sutka

actor, director, mentor and games master, Hovatovabb Port

I entrusted Edina with the complete overhaul of my old website. We thoroughly discussed my needs, and Edina saw and showcased who I am. She is not just a professional graphic designer, but also a skilled IT specialist who understands software capabilities and can bring our ideas to life. She is fast, precise, and efficient – from the first step to the last. Speaking of which, it’s not even over! I’m sure I will work and create with Edina again.

Aila Tamás Bükki

writer, physicist (Ph.D), yoga teacher,

I asked Edina to revamp my old website. For years, I wanted a new identity and a different color scheme that better reflects my personality and profession, but I thought it was too big and challenging a task. Edina proved me wrong with her fast, precise, and professional work! I thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration. She beautifully shaped even those ideas that were just feelings or vague concepts in my mind. She immediately attuned to me and had fantastic ideas not just in terms of design but also in structuring the new website content. I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone!

Mónika Uhlár

life coach, self-awareness consultant,

We sought Edina's assistance in creating our website. She responded promptly to our inquiry and throughout the development process. We are very satisfied with her work. I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone!

Andrea Ginyovszky

health and safety adviser,

Business card and website – complete branding design. It was a fantastic collaboration. I enjoyed every step of the process. It felt like we were just chatting, and Edina professionally translated that conversation into colors and branding elements that best represent my professional activities and communicate with my clients. She provided helpful guidance for photo shoots and assisted with post-processing of images. She quickly created the website, which is easily found by those who need my services and is considered useful and professional by my clients. Just as I do! Thank you, Edina!

Rita Zsolnai

mental health professional,

I entrusted Edina with designing the branding and logo for my new business venture. She exceeded my expectations in capturing my style perfectly. She immediately understood what I wanted, what my profession entails, and what style suits it. Since then, I turn to her for anything I need without hesitation. She has an extremely refined taste and works quickly. I recommend her work to anyone wholeheartedly, and they will undoubtedly be satisfied with her work.
Ildikó Balázs

real estate agent, Inter Invest Realty

Edina created a website for me that I had always dreamed of: it not only reflects the nature of my work but also my personality. The colors, the logo – they all praise her taste (meaning the entire brand!), but beyond that, she contributed with full dedication to editing and selecting the content. Throughout our collaboration, she was consistently punctual, precise, and incredibly fast, attentive to my needs. I am very grateful for her work and wholeheartedly recommend her to others!!
Beatrix Tóth

life coach and language coach,

Edina designed my entire brand identity, including the logo, website, business cards, and promotional materials. She understood and felt my needs so well that she knew better than I did what I wanted. She is fast, precise, and creative. A professional, decisive expert with whom working together is a pleasure. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Rita Andriska

life coach,

When we needed a logo, Edina transformed her own creative ideas to fit our needs perfectly, creating something we still identify with today. The website, meanwhile, became an easy-to-use yet professional, high-quality creation.

Gizella Foskolos

Rolling Spirits